Five Reasons Why You Should Have Business Insurance


Home and Motor insurance protects our biggest assets in the event of an accident or other traumatic events in your personal life. Your business provides you with the income to buy your home and vehicles, so why wouldn’t you protect it?


Here are five reasons to get an insurance policy for your company:

1.Protection from Liability Claims

Anything can happen to customers on your premises or when they use your products or services. For instance, customers could fall down the stairs, choke on a meal at your restaurant, or suffer other types of injuries of losses as a result of associating with your business. Without insurance, you might have to pay any liability costs from business funds, which may affect your ability to pay bills or expand. Getting business insurance is the best way to pay for liability claims and ensure that your business is covered in case customers are injured or experience loss in your business.


2.To Safeguard Property, Inventory, and Other Assets

Business insurance covers your premises, inventory, equipment, and other assets from theft, fire, natural disasters, and other types of damage. Should your business experience any of these problems, the insurance company will pay for repairs, replacement, and any other activities required to restore your financial situation to normal.


3.To Protect Employees

The law requires that all employers carry workers’ compensation to protect employees on the job. As an employer, you can offer other types of insurance, including disability coverage, to ensure your employees are better protected.


4.To Keep Your Business Running

One major loss or tragedy is all it takes to cripple operations and make your business come to a standstill if you do not have insurance. Conversely, having business insurance helps you to get back on your feet quickly after a tragedy. You can continue operating without having to spend a sizeable chunk of your business income to recover from the loss.


5.To Qualify for Bank Loans

Many lenders look at how well insured your business is while assessing your loan application. If you have the right types of insurance, you might qualify for larger loan limits and lower interests since lenders will consider your business low risk.



In conclusion, getting insurance coverage for your company will help protect it in case anything serious happens. When recovering from loss or damage, you can rest assured that your business can keep running because you will not need to spend all of your income to cover damages.

We suggest you research several policies to see which one best fits your needs and budget, should you wish to discuss your business insurance needs, visit or Contact Us for a free consultation with Luis.


Written by Luis Jackson, Director at Beesure Ltd

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