Cashflow Planning

What is this and why do I need it?

Cashflow planning is for everyone. We look at your incomes and expenditures and assess how your current financial situation may affect your future. It can help to identify potential shortfalls in your finances or even help plan to save for that once in a lifetime trip around the world.

The easy to understand graphs help to ‘paint a picture’ of your financial future and understand the impact some of your financial decisions have on your future.

This can also account for any sudden changes in your finances and how that may impact things going forward. It can be updated in ‘real-time’ to show how your finances may be affected.

What can Beesure provide?

At Beesure we use cashflow planning to demonstrate how your financial decisions can affect your future. We can project forward to your intended retirement age to asses how much you need to be saving to achieve your goals, or even work towards a specific retirement income.

Why is Beesure the right choice?

Our financial planners are highly trained to use a financial planning tool which can help illustrate your financial situation pre and post-retirement.

This will allow you to plan for the future and decide on an appropriate journey to help you to achieve your financial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my income & expenditure changes after you have planned my cashflow, do you update it or do it?

We will update your cash flow as and when your circumstances change during our review meetings. Whether that be a change in your income, expenditure, you receive an inheritance or anything else!

Do I need a future plan or goal to plan towards or do you plan based on my current circumstances?

A cash flow will always be based on your current circumstances but it is always good to set yourself goals and work towards potential scenarios for you to achieve your goals.

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