Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Your options when passing on wealth to the next generation

Ensuring your family is financially secure for the long term is a common goal. If it’s one of your priorities, then our intergenerational wealth planning guide could help you create a plan that suits you and your loved ones.

Intergenerational planning can be complex. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to think about how your family could change, and you may even want to consider future generations. There are other challenges you might need to take into account too, from how passing on wealth could affect your lifestyle to potential tax charges. It’s never too soon to start thinking about how you want to pass on wealth or who you want to benefit from your assets.

In this free guide, we explore:

  • Your options when you want to pass on wealth
  • Balancing gifts with your financial security
  • Using a trust to pass on wealth
  • Leaving assets in your will
  • The potential tax implications of passing on wealth
  • 4 valuable advantages of involving your family in the financial planning process

Download your free guide now, and If you’d like to discuss intergenerational wealth planning, please contact us to create a tailored intergenerational wealth plan today.

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