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Recruitment is intricate, with specific challenges that demand tailored protection. At Beesure, we alleviate stress by providing the right insurance solutions to navigate these complexities with ease. Trust in our years of experience working alongside recruitment businesses to shield your operations effectively.

The insurance landscape for temporary workers is complex. With Beesure, gain clarity between vicarious and non-vicarious cover, ensuring you and the professionals you place are adequately protected. Our advisors are here to demystify the details and tailor the right cover for you. Consulting with an insurance broker who understands the recruitment sector can ensure that all potential exposures are adequately covered.

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Why use an insurance broker?

Tailored Coverage

Insurance brokers can provide customised policies that precisely fit the unique needs of your company, ensuring all aspects of the business are adequately protected.

Expert Advice

They offer expert advice on risk assessment and management, helping recruitment companies understand their exposures and how best to protect against them.

Cost Effective

Brokers have extensive knowledge of the insurance market and can access a wide range of products to find the most comprehensive cover at competitive rates.

Claims Advocacy

In the event of a claim, brokers act as advocates for your company, using their expertise to manage the process and ensure a fair settlement.

Time and Resource Savings

Brokers handle the legwork of comparing and negotiating insurance policies, saving recruitment companies valuable time and resources.


Fulfill all of your insurance needs simply, easily and in one go. 


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