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At Beesure, we understand the diverse needs of the recruitment and payroll industry. Beyond providing tailored insurance solutions, we’re committed to supporting the broader aspects of your business through a network of trusted affiliates and partners. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for not only safeguarding your business but also for fostering its growth and enhancing its operational efficiency.​




Pension Contributions

Employee Benefits ​

Our partner company Dragon Perks is an online benefits portal offering employee wellbeing, learning, discounts, and cashback. Beesure recruitment clients receive discounted memberships for their employees that can be rolled out as part of your employee benefits package. Helping you retain and attract top talent and showing your temporary and permanent employees that you care. The benefits include: 

  • Instant cashback
  • Over 2,000 retailer discounts
  • Over 20 restaurant discounts
  • Discounted gym memberships 
  • Discounted cinema tickets 
  • Personalised counseling sessions
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Financial service consultations
  • 24 hour GP helpline
  • Everymind mental health support
  • E Learning & training courses
  • Legal helpline


We offer a comprehensive advisory package for our recruitment clients delivering tailored pension and investment strategies, full-spectrum protection, strategic planning and exit planning for robust corporate growth. With a dedicated team of Independent Financial Advisers, experienced Directors, Accountants, Tax Advisers and Marketing Consultants with a combined experience of over 200 years – we offer a one-stop shop for our recruitment clients. Longevity in business is not solely about immediate growth but ensuring sustainable prosperity. Secure your legacy and elevate your business with Beesure Corporate Services – the ultimate partnership for visionary owners.

  • Pension Planning for Directors & Owners 

  • Investment Strategies 

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Exit Planning 

  • Tax Planning 

  • Remuneration Structuring

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Feel free to get in touch to discuss your business needs and we will help where we can. Trust in our years of experience working alongside recruitment businesses to shield your operations effectively and enhance your business offering. Our team of experienced consultants can advise on a range of business areas. 


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