Professional indemnity

Protecting your work output

Professional indemnity insurance, also known as PI or professional liability insurance, is one of the most common kinds of business protection, especially for service-based companies. If you’re unsure where to start, you’ll get the expert support you need with us.

Countless entrepreneurs like you from across the UK have chosen us to help them with their professional indemnity insurance requirements. We like to think that’s got something to do with our great track record of helping people to secure their financial future.

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Your questions, answered

In what circumstances do I need this cover?

If you’ve been alleged to have produced substandard work or cost your clients money, you may find yourself in court. Professional indemnity insurance covers your legal costs and expenses, so it’s not hard to understand why this is such an important type of cover.

You should consider professional indemnity insurance if you provide skills, advice, or expertise to clients, or produce materials that could infringe on intellectual property rights. It’s also worth thinking about it if you have access to your clients’ confidential information.

Does medical malpractice insurance count?

Medical malpractice insurance is a type of professional indemnity cover. It’s designed to protect against claims of wrongful practice that lead to bodily injury, medical expenses, or property damage.

If your business is involved in the medical profession in any way, you’re strongly advised to look into this kind of protection, and we can help. Our advisers have worked with dozens of businesses in this industry, supporting them with their insurance needs and making sure they’re properly safeguarded. Get in touch if you’d like us to do the same for you.

Can’t I put this in place without your help?

Since professional indemnity insurance is used so widely, there are many big-name providers to choose from. The problem with going down this route is that, in general, you’re simply buying a product from a salesperson.

When you work with us, you get expert guidance at every stage. Our experienced advisers will get to know you and your business, so that they understand what you do and how you work and can help you find the right level of protection.

Why should I choose Beesure to help me?

As a Beesure client, you’ll get access to a team of friendly professionals who truly understand business. You can explain your concerns to us safe in the knowledge that we know the challenges you face and have the skills to help you through them.

Our biggest strength isn’t our knowledge and expertise, though. It’s the down-to-earth way we work, helping to put you at ease from the first moment we speak. By working with specialists who are invested in your success, you’re assured of a positive outcome.

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By joining the Beesure Business Network, you gain year-long access to a suite of meticulously crafted marketing initiatives, enriching content, and thought-provoking events, all strategically designed to enhance your business’s visibility and engagement.

Of course, the Beesure Network is free to join and both parties benefit from mutual shared resources and company referrals. Find out more today. 


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How it works

Initial Consultation

In our first meeting together, we’ll establish what your financial goals and aspirations are and gain an understanding of your current circumstances. If applicable, we’ll also determine how comfortable you are with risk.

Analysis & Research

We’ll take a deep dive into all of the information provided and the financial data available to us. By analysing this, we can begin planning a journey to help you reach your financial goals.


We’ll present our plan back to you in the form of a report. This detailed but easy-to-follow document will contain all our expert recommendations for achieving your aims.

Implementation & Reviews 

If you agree with our recommendations, we’ll put your strategy into place. We’ll review your goals regularly, and tailor our ongoing support based on your preferences and unique needs.

The Hive

You’ll find a wealth of information here in our dedicated home for insights and useful resources, regularly updated so you’re always in the loop.

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